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Recently I have gotten myself into quite a practice slump. I used to be able to practice a whole hour and actually play for most of that time. But now I have to force myself to practice, sometimes its not even for fifteen minutes and I don't even really play most of that time. I have had a fear of practicing properly in front of everybody.

I come from a family of people who have learned to play an instrument but only practice about five minutes out of the entire year. And when they do play all they do is run through their music and say that they are "practicing". With this being the way they practice, they think that it's right. So whenever I try to practice scales, or scale exercises, warm-ups, or overtones; they always walk in and say "Stop!! Practice your music, stop just making sounds."

So whenever I start practicing I always warm-up with overtones and then scales and then work out of the Rubank Advanced Method. But after about five minutes I start have a feeling that they are about to walk in and tell me to stop. So I just stop, I don't even get to my music.

So my question is how to get through this practice slump so that I will get back to practicing for long periods of time every day.
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