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Practice routines

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Hey guys, I'm trying to figure out a really effective weekly practice routine cycle that can boost my chops immensely. I have two weeks after the end of next week before the new semester starts and I want to come back more prepared.

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I have not got the patience to practice scales as above. If you suffer that same malady then I suggest. GEt yor self into a nice relaxed space. I do a ten minute long tone mediation type deal where each tone goes on for pretty much a whole breath focussing just on the tone and feeling the embouchure feeling the fingers being light and keeping an eye on intonation

Then pick a line you want to learn or make one up. 2 bars long with a little space to breathe..... at least an eighth rest. star

Loop play it with as much feeling and insight as you can at ballad speed and then keeping the same notes build up the speed changing the articulation and feel as needed to keep it relevant to the speed until the line no longer makes sense and just sounds like fast notes. I usually use BIABbut at times a metronome or not. Then figure out where in a song you know you could put that phrase in and play it through to make sure you know it. Eventually I suspect it is good to know it in all 12 keys. But use common sense.

Pick another and start the process over.

Every 45 minutes take a break for a few minutes and walk around and stretch. After each 45 minute break try and get your head back to the relaxed state after the t10 minute warmup focus relaxation session. If you feel flustered or anything other than relaxed stop and just get yourself into a relaxed state again.

Do that 8 hours a day 8 days a week til you get back. You'll notice a huge difference as you will have added lots of new phrases to your vocabulary

Remember that playing 100 times you know it 1000 times you own it.
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I do a variation on AGent 27's. I put some chords or progression depending on what I am working on into Band in A Box ... something that give a harmonic context to what I am going to practice and then spend some time playing patterns in the scale or phrases that work with the progression.

For instance this morning I spent 45 minutes on slow jazz groove alternating between Fm7 for a bar and Bbm7 for a bar.
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