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Post Selmer buyout 400 altos - What do you think?

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I'm currently evaluating a number of altos for a friend and an upcoming sale soon (keep your eyes peeled folks ;) ) Two of which are Buescher 400 models with serial numbers placing them just after the Selmer buyout. This is the first time I've played any of these horns and I'm very impressed. So much so, I'm thinking of keeping one for myself. Value wise, I can only find one current dealer (junkdude) offering this model for $825. That seems like a decent price, but I have nothing else to compare it to.

Both of these horns play very nice. One is a little brighter and lively than the other. The second horn has pretty butter like tone. If I do keep one, It's going to be hard to decide.

Please share any experiences you have with these horns.
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I had a S-5 which was made right before the buyout. Nice horn for jazz. Couldn't calm it down for classical.
Hurling Frootmig said:
I had a S-5 which was made right before the buyout. Nice horn for jazz. Couldn't calm it down for classical.
Too bright, brash or loud?
I called it a wild child. It could get loud which wasn't a bad thing. It was pretty bright and a little brash. I didn't spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to control it and moved on to a Yani A-5 for a bit which allowed me to blend with the rest of the Selmer's and Yamaha's that I was playing with. Great jazz or rock horn and I suspect if I had picked up a caravan or Morgan 3C that I would have had a nice classical sound on it.
my mid 70,s 400 is very bright and powerfull. makes a great lead alto . my top &cane is much more refined sounding.i think all 400,s are great horns and the later ones are often overlooked
Well the ones I'm looking at are dated at just about the same year (1965?) as the takeover. I doubt there's much change in them. I'm thinking hard on keeping one. Sweet sounding alto with a bit of kick to it :)
You should be quite safe for any serial number up to about 409K on these later 400s.
I can't believe I once passed up an opportunity to buy one of these for $75!!
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