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I won one of the new SS models on ebay in early Dec. It's an M2 110 but they are also available in 105. The overall piece appears to be finished with more precision and although I can't tell any difference in the baffle from my older M2-120 the outer dimensions as far as where the lig goes is slightly larger. Doesn't visually look bigger though. You can now use a Selmer 404 or anything that would fit a STM.

After playing the brass M2-120 for most of 2006 I tried the smaller M2-110 but the sound was not quite as full as the 120. The new SS has a slightly more full & clear sound and the altissimo feels way more comfortable. Can't say if the sound is better than the brass models, but it's different and it's more of what I want.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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