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I'm not really a fan of the M2, I found it finicky and a little difficult to play and control. Feels like an overpriced Dukoff to me. Maybe I got bad ones, or didn't have the right reeds for it, or just didn't have the right chops at the time, as it seems many other ppl really like them and Ponzol is a respected name. But that is my experience with M2's so far. I forget which exact sizes I played.

I tried a Ponzol Traditional and that is a NICE piece for the price. Very flexible, easy and comfortable to play, can be nice and loud when pushed and a full sound. If a student is looking to upgrade to something a bit better this is a great piece to try, I prefer it over my Meyer by far. I didn't buy a Ponzol Traditional because it wasn't the sound I was looking for but it left a very good impression with me.

BTW these were all alto pieces.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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