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Ponzol Product

Allo Raphyel,my main tenor mouthpiece is the Ponzol 110 S IIVI,this is my second metal Ponzol tenor mpc! The first one was OK,but a 100 was'nt opened enough,when I played the 110 S man what a mpc this turned out to be!
I have played many tenor mpcs,and owned quiet a lot but the Ponzol IIVI S 110 has been my main mpc and best mpc I played on tenor for the last yar and a half!I am still experiencing with getting a second spare tenor mpc,but Ponzol is it for me now!I also have spoken with Mr.Ponzol a few times,,he's a good guy!So Ponzol products are great for me,,I know that mpcs are not always the same,,but that one I have ,,is definitely a keeper for many years,,and I do take care of it!
All the best,
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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