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Well, it's the summer and I often find myself ordering and trying out mouthpieces just for the heck of it. A few weeks ago I ordered an SR Tech Pro and a Guardala King Lazercut from WWBW. The Sr Tech was nice but no improvement over my NY Otto Link. The Guardala was great on the altissimo and volume but was too thin for my tastes and the lower register was a bit hard to voice so I sent those back.
Yesterday just as I was leaving for a gig, I recieved a Ponzol M2 and an M2+ from WWBW. I was hoping they would get here in time for the gig so I could hear them live with the guitar and bass and drums.Well, I had to try them before leaving so I did. My wife has to do these mouthpiece tests with me(part of our pre-nuptual agreement):D She is somewhat sensitive to higher tones due to a constant ringing in her ears. Anyways she preferred the sound of the M2 over the M2+ so I just brought the M2 to the gig. I figured if it almost hurt her ears unamplified, how would it sound miked? Well ,I probably should have brought it.Anyways I'll bring it next week.So I bring the M2 to the gig and tell the band and a few friends in the audience I'm thinking of buying a new mouthpiece and I needed their feedback. I compared it with my Dukoff D7-baritone size Bari reed, my new style Brilhart Levelaire with a Fibracell, my NY Link with a Fibracell with a baffle inserted in it for volume, and the Ponzol had a Fibracell as well. No one knew which one was which.We played blues, rock, a little light jazz and some R&B. I would change mouthpieces each song and hold up either 1,2,3 or 4 fingers indicated a change of mouthpieces. The drummer, bass player and audience participants all chose the Ponzol over the other ones in each rotation. The drummer in particular really noticed the difference. He said he never realized how different mouthpieces could sound.I had to agree. It was louder, clearer, thicker, cut better and sounded considerably better than most of them. The Link sounded great but wasn't cutting as well.The Brilhart sounded
real thin by comparison and lacked the solid core of the Ponzol but the volume was there and altissimo notes sounded real easy. The Dukoff sounded good but also wasn't cutting through as well.(probably due to the baritone size reed which cuts down a bit on the upper partials). I was kind of hoping there wouldn't be much of a difference so I could save some money, but after playing it again today in the house and seeing how flexible it plays, how warm it can sound and how well it projects, I'm afraid I'm going to have to buy it. The difference is that noticable. BTW, I've been using the Levelaire for quite a few years and have been quite happy with it- until now. I'll do a final comparison with the M2+ next week but I think the M2 is my favorite. It sounds even better with a Vandoren ZZ on it. This is really the first mouthpiece I've tried in many years which showed me something better than what I already have. This includes 4 Ralph Morgans, a Tenny perfected Link from Saxquest, a metal Vandoren V-16, a Runyon Jaguar, a Vandoren Jumbo Java, a Zinner Adjustatone, a delrin Quantum, a metal Smoothbore, a Rovner Eagle, the above mentioned Guardala and SR Tech and a few others.For me to spend over $250.00 for a mouthpiece, it better show me something considerably better than what I have. This Ponzol does just that.
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