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PONZOL jazz M2+

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I got a PONZOL M2 + from wwbw ($260). This is a really
great mouthpiece. You can see under the gold
plating how it was adjusted (scratches seen under the
gold plating). The mouthpiece is truly hand finished and
apparantly maxed out for sound.

I got a BG metal ligature and it has a very effective
plastic cap that fits tight and protects well.

I can get that Dexter Gordon type of sound - fat, rich with
overtones and stable intonation. Plus, loud as hell when
I wanto.

It seems that nowadays the quality in single reed
mouthpieces have really skyrocketed. It must be
modern manufacturing and exact machining and then
a little hand adjusting that is making this possible.

Good Sax
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I got a Ponzol II-V-I last year after a long and painful search for a good tenor piece. I second your comments on Ponzol quality, it was by far the best of any metal piece I trialed. Not cheap(also about $260), but worth every penny. Very flexible/versatile sound for different types of music,easy to play in all ranges, and not reed-finicky. I love it.:)
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