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Congrats on the horn....I have rtefurbed around a dozen 241's and they are every bit as good as a 10M, King Zeph, Buescher THC and Martin Comm.

The likely reason it looks like that now is because others had the same idea and over time, the polishes ate away the lacq in that area. harm done shining it up.

Per your comment, I assume yu are NOT gonna have the horn worked on by a tech in near future so a chem or sonic bath is out, although it would be the best starting point for cleaning a horn body.

Next, I will assume that you don't wanna try to disassemble the horn a home brew chem bath is also not in cards.

In which case...go buy some Maas or Wenol red tube polish paste, and a fine microfibre cloth (the kind for glass of stainless steel) and give the horn a few rounds of that. You will likely need to do it twice.

Don't use Brasso or Noxon...too caustic and those WILL further eat away the lacquer there.

Then you can either just let the newly cleaned bare brass patina naturally, or you can shine it back up now and again with a Blitz cloth for Plated Instruments, available online or at music stores, usually.

Enjoy the horn !!!
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