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PMST-60 NS Review

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I have had my PMST-60 NS for a week now and thought a review would be in order. First a little background on why this horn worked for me.

I own an 80,000 Mark Vi and a Cannonball Global Big Bell tenor. I love the Mark Vi with its deep sound and thick core. The Cannonball was a backup. While it felt like a big horn while playing it recorded very thin. My search was to find a quality pro level horn that would blend the best of both horns.

I got my P. Mauriat from Tim at saxalley. Great guy and he set the horn up quite nicely.

The keywork is great. Very comfortable fluid feel. There was no adustment needed on my part to play at full speed out of the box.

Tone- This is the contemporary model and it delivers. It has a more modern brighter sound yet is full with warmth. I still get a nice core to it but obviously not as heavy as the Selmer. The response is instant. It speaks very freely and playing at a whisper is effortless. My natural tone is very dark so I tend to use high baffle pieces. In fact the vintage model Mauriat sounded dead when I played it. The 60NS accepted the baffle very well without thinning out. What I was surprised to find was I could use a darker piece and still get an excellent traditional jazz sound. It records quite nicely. A pleasant sound with clarity.

Construction- It feels like a pro horn not like some of the other imports I have tried. It is solid and well made. My only complaint is some of the fine finishing and lacquer spray is less than expected at this price point.

Overall, I am very pleased with the horn. It is easier to play and sounds/feels more natural to me than even the Mark Vi. I have been a Selmer guy for a while and always associate that sound as being the best. That real thick core is the only thing I miss on the Mauriat. But with a decent core and all the other positives the Mauriat is definately a winner.
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I think the same thing can be said about the twin sister of the 60 NS, the Black Pearl 500BX.

I owned what I believe to be the first Black Pearl tenor with black nickel plating and silver-plated keywork. My review of this horn is on PM's website - I think. (Coincidentially, that horn is being for sale by -88- right now in the sale section).

The only difference between the two models is that the Black Pearl is warmer, if not darker, than the 60NS.

Enjoy your horn!
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