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I was at my local music store yesterday and found out that they had the PMSS 64 in vintage finish on sale for $1395 and decided to try it out. So, I went home and got my Antiqua soprano for a comparison. I compared them using my Morgan Vintage 5 mouthpiece.

Quality: The PMSS 64 was heavy and solid. The action was very responsive and had a very crisp feel. Subjectively, the keys layout felt very comfortable. I think it was a little heavier than the 586BC, but not much. They keywork felt very similar, and there was no adjustment to be made going from one to the other. The 64 did have a more crisp or solid feel to it than the 586BC.

Tone: I was very surprised that the tonal differences were not as much as I expected. The 64 is a little darker and smoother sounding, but not that much. The 586BC seemed shriller in the extreme upper register, but was also louder and more open sounding. The 64 seemed to pinch them off a little more but they still came out satisfactorily. After playing for awhile the 64 really grew on me and I started to notice a strong vibrant core sound that was lacking in the 586BC. It was suttle, but noticeable.

Intonation: They both had good intonation although the 64 was a little better.

all in all, to me the 64 is a better horn but was dissappointed that it did not really seem that much darker than the 586BC. I did not see it worth the upgrade a this point however, if I didn't already have the 586, the 64 would definitely be my choice between the two.

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