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Oddly enough, my PM counter suddenly jumped from 0 to 65,534. I'd like to think I was that popular, but it's not the case.
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Was there 65,534 PMs in your inbox? If so, maybe that you really are that popular ;) Or,if it's all 'hate mail' well maybe that you're the problem ;) ;)

That's probably like some sort of a bug. Don't know how to explain it. Have you cleared your cookie cash recently? Doing so often solve a lot of mysterious ploblems like that.

If the problem persist, let us know. Or if other people experience the same thing, again let us know.
I was about to report that too - thought it might be limited to firefox but I tried IE and its the same.

Cleared cache - no difference.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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