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I had a few orders recently with wwbw and i have to say their customer service has surprised me of late.

One of my orders got hung up with UPS and was taking a bit longer than normal to arrive.
I received a call/voicemail from wwbw customer service apologizing for the delay and updating me on the package progress.
The person also inquired about how i was liking a recent ligature purchase.
Normally, i despise when any customer service anyone calls me (just send an email) but I must say it was really nice to have a real person do follow up in a sincere way.

Certainly blows ProWinds communication/customer service away, and when they run a 20% sale, hard to beat prices on new things.

Also did a mpc trial with wwbw recently on two different tip openings of the TW Mindi Abair alto, and returned both (not my thing at all).
To my surprise they refunded me FULLY, no sanitization fee, no deduction for original shipping. NICE.

I figure we all do enough complaining and that when credit is due, credit should be given.

Good job!

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I'll never deal with Pro Winds again. What a bunch of jerks. I've been with WWBW since the late '70s.
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