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i have been in a band for several years and took a break, and now when i've decided to come back playing my favourite instrument i think i kinda lost everything since my foundation wasn't exactly very well built

when i joined the band, i self thought myself and had always been playing in the shadows (support parts)

Now i'm trying to redevelop me tone and technique. Here's what i've been keeping in mind :

A nice open throat
Diaphragm support

Is there anything i missed? and i've been practicing scales. Would it help with my poor technique? Any suggestions?


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You are really on the right track with those ideas. Just a few more for your list that I feel are also important.

-Concept of Sound ................. get some recordings of professional players you would like to sound like. Listen and then imitate.

-Hand position and fingering.......keep the shoulders, arms, hands, and fingers relaxed when playing and Keep the Fingers Close to the keys (KFC).

Good luck. It sounds like you are off to a good start.


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sadist (er, interesting handle ..... I guess?)
I agree with jbtsax that you are on a good start with your approach.

For developing your articulation, in addition to scales I would recommend practicing arpeggios and patterns such as 1-2-3-5, and 1-3-4-5, in all 12 keys, going up and down for each one.

Practicing long tones is important, but can get boring. One way to keep it more interesting is to find some recordings of slow songs you like, and then play along with them on your sax.

Getting some lessons from a good instructor would really help you, even if you can only do it for a while.
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