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I finally got my 26M last month :)
Now I am looking for the nice mouthpiece for it.
In my area, there is no shop which have various mouthpieces that I can try.
So please recommend it or let me know your current setup.

I like the sound of Johnny Hodges(Alto) and Ben Webster(Tenor).

Thank you very much in advance.

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The 26m/ 6m are both pretty mouthpiece friendly- at least for me. I'd think your starting point would be either a Link Tone Edge, the omnipresent Meyer, or a Vandoren V16- all hard rubber. The old Conn pieces of the thirties are probably a little too dark for most ( huge chamber, minimal if any baffle). Most don't go for the metal Links on the altos though I have and like one myself.

Before sinking big bucks in some vintage hunk of rubber try one of the new, fairly thrifty, pieces such as the above. Once you're comfortable with the piece and the horn you can launch out into the mouthpiece swamp in the expensive and rarely fulfilled search for the perfect mouthpiece. Or not.

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I also concur with everything everyone has said. The Meyer or Vandoren would be a nice matchup, albeit I prefer a Meyer 6 to a 5. Selmer s80 doesn't sound bad on one, either...although I think the former two are better m'pieces.
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