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This is a video of Takahiro Miyazaki. I'm simply curious about what kind of sax he plays here. What I've found out is that these days he plays a Yanagisawa A992, but this being recorded in the 90s makes me think it is probably a different sax.

You can see what looks like company logo and title on the FRONT of the bell, though it's hard to make out, not sure if there are markings on the side. The logo and writing looked like Yamaha to me, but I don't think Yamaha ever display their logo on the front (I know that Yanagisawa do with their earlier saxophones, but the engraving in the video looks totally different from those). There's also no clear shot of the crook.

I was wondering if there was anyone familar with this particular saxophone that might recognise the sax straight away?

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I spotted four Yani features.
A logo above a name on the front of the bell, a large round bell brace, the underslung crook and in the last few seconds of the video I think I can just see a double arm on the low C key cup.

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