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Please help me find a case for a 1932 Conn Alto

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Hello everybody,
I've been lurking here for a while and trying to find as much info as I can, but I need some specific help with the following:
I have a 1932 Conn artist series transitional alto (similar to 6M, I beleive) with the bell keys on the left side, and I desperately need a new case. I have searched and found several replies such as:
"get the Pro-Tec" -or-
"the SKB should work fine"

However, I'm still not sure which specific pro-tec or SKB or whatever is being refered to. Can any of you help me out with a case that is good and will work? I like the idea of the contoured cases, but I am not against a rectangular case either. I would prefer a hard shell case, but I have no experience whatsoever with a soft shell case. So maybe a soft shell will work as well?
I have done a lot of purchasing from the WWBW over the years, but when I called them, I wasn't too happy with their lack of recommendations.
Please help! I'd be very grateful.
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I use a Pro Tec contoured case for my tranny alto (LH bell keys).
It works fine.
I have an SKB that will not work because of the LH bell keys.
Mark: My Big B alto is in a shaped Pro-Tec case - fits fine. In answer to another thread, I put my '32 Cigar Cutter alto in the Pro-Tec and it also fit perfectly. DAVE
Thanks for the replies!
I see that pro-tec has a regular contoured case and the pro contoured case.
Is the link in this sentence the Specific Pro-Tec that you guys are refering to?

Also, there are a number of cases in this WWBW search that I did. I still think that I'd prefer a hard shell case.

Is there anything else on page 1 or 2 of this list that would work with the LH Bell Keys?
Thanks again for your time and responses.
I appreciate it.
The pro-tec contoured IS a hard case, just to let you know. Not as strong as some, but it would be fine, unless you drop the case. I know a guy who sits on his pro-tec alto case :)shock:), but his alto is fine. Big guy, too.

That's the case I am talking about, was on page two of your link.
The easiest way is to order one (protec) and see if it fits and if not, return it. All it will cost is your shipping. I have some almost new ones if you want to try it out, (you pay shipping).
I got a pro-tec contoured for my Zephyr (with the huge thing on the side), it's got thick foam on the inside, and is covered in some kind of really nice fabric. It's got a slot for a neck and a mouthpiece.

They're pretty strong, there's one other person in my band with one, and we threw ours at each other and our saxes were fine.
Hi Mark,
check out the Hiscox PRO-WAS:

A great case (got one for my Yani 880). You should also search this Forum for "Hiscox".

Thank you all for the replies.
I have searched and read about the Hiscox till my eyeballs fell out of my head, but it seems that they are hard to come by in the states.
A shame, b/c I like the way they look.
I'm really leaning towards the ProTec that everyone mentioned, but mostly b/c no other suggestion has really materialized in this thread.
But it looks like a good suggestion, so I am happy with that.
I was just wondering if any of the Gators, or SKB's (there's quite a few of them) or even the J. Winter case would work?
If someone knows where to get a Hiscox from, I'd appreciate a link.
A Gator GL will definitely fit it. For 65 bucks they are hard to beat.
A GC may fit as well.
You post got my interest. I have a 1937 30M and I'm looking for a case. The link to hiscox gave a bit of info for the USA distributor:

For Saxophone Case sales, please contact:

Just Saxes
706 Louisa Street
New Orleans
Tel: 504 943 3875
E-mail: [email protected]

We are currently seeking a US distributor for our Saxophone cases.
Please contact us on [email protected]
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I've got a Conn transitional Alto (247,xxx) like yours that fits fine in the the Protec Pro Pac Contoured Alto Sax Case.
Thank you all for your replies.
My wife had purchased a DEG case from WWBW which was designed for LH bell keys for my anniversary present. When it arrived, I was pretty disappointed with the quality of the case. It looked and felt like it was assembled as a sixth grade project.

That is what finally prompted me to post here after lurking for quite a while.
Even though I really wanted a full hard shell case, I ordered the ProTec based on everyone's recommendation here. I should have it in a week or so.

The Hiscox looked like the perfect solution, but alas, they are too hard to come by in the states.
When my ProTec arrives, I am going to try and make the time to post some photos of my sax in the case to help others that are searching for cases for similar vintage horns. I hope that the photos will be worth 1000 words :)

Again, thank you all for your responses. I'll let you know what I think of that ProTec when it arrives!
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