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Please help id on this conn

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I am going to an estate sale, I was given only a pic of the sax....Obviously to me its a conn bc of the bell stack like a 6M. The octave is not underslung though, thought all 6ms were...

Any guesses, I just dont want to get up at 5am to look at a shooting star Mexiconn....


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It's definitely not a Conn.

It looks like an Elkhart (Buescher stencil).
Here is one currently listed on the bay (for a point of comparison):

They generally don't sell for much, but they're decent enough saxes.

Worth getting up early for? I guess that just depends how much you want a nice Buescher stencil (or...some would argue, 'second line' sax).
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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