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Please help, I just picked up a 1968 Mark VI Baritone and I need MOUTHPIECE advice

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Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I know nothing about mouthpieces for this horn. Someone recently told me to just pick up a Rico Royal. Is this thing legit??

Also, any suggestions regarding what number Otto Link Rubber to buy?

Thank you
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Rico Royal is definitely a usable mouthpiece. Kind of middle-of-the-road soundwise, but if you haven't played much baritone before it might be a good (and very inexpensive) place to start while you get your bearings.

I don't know much about Link sizes for bari, but you might also look at Berg-Larsen mpcs (rubber or metal) and go for something in the 110, 115, or 120 range.

I've been playing on a Rousseau JDX6 for several years now, and like it a lot (you can hear some samples of me on it by clicking the Thrascher link below).
Thanks DukeCity. I checked out all of the tracks on, you guys sound great. Here is some of my music on alto:
hmmm, I don't like hard rubber pieces, except for my eugene rousseau hard rubber which projects like crazy and has an awesome sound on crappy's also cheaper than otto links.....just giving you some other options...
Right now I'm playing on a JDX 8. I am also playing around with a custom piece I am making as well as a hard rubber link. If you want a more pure tone a hard rubber link is a good place to start. If you need to cut a bit then I would look at a metal link, Runyon Custom, Jody Jazz Classic, or a Berg.

The Rico Royals are very good pieces considering their price.
You are such a lucky person. A Mark VI bari...
The Jody Jazz Classic bari piece seems to be good, inexpensive option, and there's a no-risk trial policy. I tried a 6 and 7 and they played just fine, they just didn't give me more than my Meyer NY 5 already did. If you call they can recommend a tip-opening for a newcomer to bari.
Wow, thanks for all of the feedback. After hearing Thom Keith play his 1968 Mark VI with an RPC mouthpiece, I was sold. Check out his equipment page, I am extremely jealous:/
Try a Lamberson DD if you can get one. I use a 7DD on my low Bb V1.
I just watched a DVD of the 1967 Clarke Boland Big Band with Sahib Shihab playing fantastic jazz baritone.. he was using a low A V1 with a Selmer Soloist. Also with Johnny Griffin, Don Menza and Ronnie Scott all playing Selmer Mark V1 tenors and sounding incredible ( hello V1 knockers). Derek Humble on lead alto by contrast played a Buescher 400 and sounded beautiful..what a band.
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