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After a brief pause of a month or two, I picked up my soprano sax again and encountered a problem I don't remember experiencing before (but don't take my word for it). When playing any note below and including low G, as I try to go down in volume, there is a threshold below which the reed seems to completely loose the energy required to vibrate and simply stops. Trying to play at this threshold, the reed quickly oscillates between producing the right tone and not producing sound at all, at 5-10 Hz or so. Being not so much of a beginner on the alto sax, I would expect to be able to play much quieter than what I can on the soprano before this problem occurs; it feels like a mezzo-forte at best.
I have no idea what causes this. Spontaneously I felt like reed strength would make a difference; and it kind of does. A harder reed lessens the problem, but only very slightly. Is this a common problem? Are soprano saxophones usually this stubborn? Could it be because of my embouchure or my hardware setup?
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