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Hi there,

For all the friends here that might be in Germany -

I'll be playing with my quartet at the Enjoy Jazz festival in Ludwigshafen this coming Tuesday, October 18th.
With me will play pianist Shai Maestro (Avishai Cohen trio), Or Bareket (bass - winner of the 2011 International Bassist Society competition) and drummer Daniel Dor (Noa - Ahinoam Nini).

All details are here:

If you're coming please come and say hello!


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Wow, that's a hell of a collection of musicians and venues. I used to live about a 45 minute drive from where you're playing and definitely would've paid you a visit. Actually, I might've hung out for the fest for as long as my money held out, lol. Are you going to get a chance to visit Heidelburg? I wish you luck on this tour. Grüße!
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