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For many years I played Plasticover reeds on my soprano
In the 90‘s. strength 5 on a C.Lakey
I played them because they keep their playability, more then normal reeds
Now I play strength 4-5 on a Ponzol 65
I still have Plasticover reeds from the 90‘s in the silver package.
When I play these I have the feeling they get pretty much softer after playing them 30 minutes . It feels like the turn from strength 4 to 3 after some time.
Does anybody made similar experience with Plasticover?

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It’s been discussed that your situation is not unique with Plasticover. I used them from 1978-2009 until I started using Legere’ synthetic reeds. Good luck

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Being a real cane reed under the resin, and considering that moisture still finds a way into the cane after some playing, its a fact that the Plasticover does not last like a synthetic reed. In my view this is not a concern because I need the cane quality of a Plasticover and its ability to play dry for my doubling saxes, alto, soprano and baritone. A box of five Plasticovers is still less than one synthetic and should last about the same length of playing time.
I know many known players have used them from time to time, like Pete Christlieb when he was on the Tonight Show band. His horn had to be ready to play instantly and there could be no fiddling around with instruments in between playing. Plus he had to sound great. Synthetics at the time were not to the stage they are today but i bet he would still use the Plasticovers if he had to do something similar now.

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In my experience, yes, they get softer pretty fast but once they have, they stay that way for a good time without going any softer.

I have used them with alto (mostly previous formula) and found them very good, unless for the peeling they started to have and because they provoked a funny taste that some of us in the forum have reported as numb... But otherwise and if you do not care about that and if the new formula does not leave that feeling.... go with them.
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