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Pisoni LP-Pro Pads PRO-112

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I am looking into getting my Selmer SA80II paded with Pisoni LP-Pro Pads PRO-112 in Black. Does anybody know by any chance what is the thickness of the pads I should get SA80II and the sizes (diameter) I should get. Also the only place I found that sells Pisoni pads is Music Center Spa. Any USA stores/outlets/suppliers that sell them? Thanks
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Music Center is the maker of these pads. I don't know any distributers/suppliers who stock their black models but Ferree's, Allied, J.L. Smith and Kraus (the last only sells to registered repairers) are all in the USA and supply pads made by Music Center, so maybe one of them can special order for you. I imagine it wouldn't be a problem adding it to an order (though when it will happen is anyone's guess). IME with this model it needs "normal" thickness pads i.e. approx 4.0mm.
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