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Finally Music Center got web pages:

And you can buy with PayPal!!!
Pad prices are also great...:(
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Magical pig,

Music Center is the maker of Lucien Deluxe pads. If that's what the back of the pads say, it doesn't necessarily mean anything, since a supplier can probably order them with whatever back they want. So Lucien Deluxe on the back doesn't necessarily refers to any specific model.

Some of Music Center's pads have Lucien Deluxe on the back, but I don't remember any sax pad model that is called that. Are you sure it's not Premium Deluxe? That is one of their models. I have some clarinet pads from them that have Lucien Deluxe on the back and they seem to be pretty much the same as the Premium Deluxe pads I have (at least I can't tell a difference just looking at them). But sometimes it's not possible to know the difference by looking and feeling.

Also, what do you mean by thin? Do the pads say "thin" on the back? I don't remember seeing any Music Center pads with that on the back. Thin to me suggests thinner than 4.0mm, which is normal thickness. Do you really need pads thinner than 4.0mm thick?
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OK, the "Lucien Deluxe" back is just whatever the supplier asked or maybe he didn't and that's what they chose to use. AFAIK Kraus is pretty specific in the pads they order and I think they have the pads made to specs. I think they are not completely identical to any model normally sold by Music Center to regualr people. They also don't give the details of what those specs are exactly and how they differ from the "usual" models. Most likely they are relatively similar to the DS model from Music Center (but I can't really say for sure). Some repairers have used both types of pads so might be able to give their impressions (someone told me these two models are more or less equivilants for them when one source is easier at a time).
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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