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Al Stevens said:
I am sure it had something to do with the neck. But it wasn't just that neck. Selmer sent me a new neck to try and it had the same problem. Then I put the neck on from a Yamaha student model tenor, and it played in tune. I'd have simply swapped it, but the tone with the student neck was too harsh.

Whatever, it doesn't matter now. I sold it and got a vi, which is what I should have done in the first place.
Maybe you should have gone to yamaha to get a new neck??? Or was that just a typo? Because the 82z that I have plays really well in tune, and is a 35x,xxx. Not sure if that is after the neck repairs were made, but the manufacture date is about a year and a half ago. Either way, the 82z's that i played all played in tune, and those were two of each of the stock finishes, and two of each of the shotblast finishes. Got a shotblast, but only because it played, and felt, the best to me.
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