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Picked up an alto Bionix

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I saw a 9 on closeout at wwbw for 40 dollars and snagged it. Are there any reeds that work particularly well with the piece? The only reeds I have that are still good are some blue box Van Dorens which will probably be too stiff as they are for my classical setup. I also have an assortment of Fibracells for my current jazz piece. I've read that plasticovers work well, is this pretty accurate? Might still have a few laying around somewhere.
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I've had pretty good luck with Fribracells and Rico's.
Alright, I'll just stick with the fibracells I already have then until I get used to the piece and see if I need to try something different. Thanks.
fibracells should kill on this mpc. iused plasticovers as i cant play fibracells. make shure you explore the altisimo range with this mpc.-amazing !
I received the piece today. I think the Jody Jazz facing chart says it should measure around .90. It seems smaller than that. Its definately less open than my Ponzol Traditional 85, though that may measure bigger than it is marked, I've suspected that before.

I must have a dud, I've read about how bright and loud these pieces generally are and its just not. I tried Fibracell 3 and 3.5 on it, I'll try a softer reed tomorrow but I don't see it helping. It has a pretty small chamber, smaller than the pieces I've had. Altissimo response was good but nothing too amazing. I feel that my Ponzol plays better up there, at least at this point. I'll give it a couple more weeks and see. I expected it to be really bright, but it just isn't. It is fairly bright, but still has a pleasing tone quality - just can't pull much volume out of it.

Initial reaction is that my Ponzol could already play this bright when pushed hard, and still be able to lay back and play more traditionally. Ponzol also has more volume potential and a broader sound. Maybe in a couple days I will figure out how to play it better. Or perhaps I just got a lemon, who knows.
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strap on a softer reed and have another try. i used 1.5 on mine (8) not as bright as you might expect yes but this mpc really cooks in the upper register. it is perfect for horn section work for motown ,rock r&b etc. i used to love goading the trumpet player into high note contests . this mpc is also easy to play on a long gig as its very comfortable to play . one caution -they tune sharper so be prepared to pull out on the cork some
Yes, I noticed that. The shank is also larger around than my Ponzol and slides around the cork. Have to use some teflon tape to get it to seal.
maestroelite said:
I must have a dud...
Oh, I don't know about that. A while back there was a thread about Worst Mouthpieces, and I do believe the Bionix was mentioned a few times.
I don't know if I'd go that far, I could see some usages for the piece. I was under the impression that the tenor version was the terrible one. It plays alright on my VII. Much better with a 2.5 Fibracell. I'm still going to give it some more time.
I've had an alto and a tenor. The tenor is a very nice piece, it responds well to anything I try to do with it - but I have a VERY dark horn.

The alto was pretty good, but I didn't have enough neck to pull it out so it would play in tune. By comparison, the shank of the tenor is longer than a standard tenor piece, while the alto is pretty much a standard length. If I could have gotten it down to pitch I would have kept the alto piece, but I traded it away. The tenor was on loan to someone who was waiting for an EZ Dukoff, and I expect it back any day now, and it will go back into my tenor case - not the shelf.
the tenor version is a dud
well at least mine was -the shank needs to be longer and you are right that they figured this out and made it so .
I wish they would do this to the alto piece. I really would like to have one for alto, if it would just play in tune. The one I had was similar to a D Dukoff in character, but easier on the chops.
With a softer reed it has definately come more to life. I think I'll keep it now, at least for a while. I can't see using it over my Ponzol for more straight-ahead situations, but I could definately use it in rock/funk playing. The altissimo has almost a singing quality - not that the altissimo is bad on the Ponzol, quite good actually - just sounds a little bit more like an extension of the horn. I may try adding a small wax baffle to add a little bit more brightness to it, hopefully it won't throw off the intonation.

I think my other favorite part of the piece is the low subtones, they're so lush and easy which is surprising, considering its supposed to be the altissimo screamer piece.
try a rico plasticover for more edge before you try adding a baffel. a note about the sharpness-this can come in handy if you ever have to do an outdoor show in extremely cold weather. i also modifyed an horn for playing in extremly hot weather too . comes in handy here in florida for those outdoor 4th of july gigs out door weadings etc.
up date-i tried lots of reed combo,s on my bionex tenor and it cooks with a plasticover-should have tried this before! too bad its noly a 7 and i need a bigger tip to get the most out of this mpc. no such thing as a dud runyon-my bad
Is the Bionix more extreme than a Lakey? Or just Runyon's answer.

The material is probably better.
just runyons answer-there isnt much thats more extreme than a lakey
I had a Bionix 10* and used Fredrick Hemke #2 and Alexander Superial #2 reeds and they worked and sounded great! Got that Phil Woods sound. Also used a clarinet Olegature that fit perfectly.
i use rico royal 3s and 3.5s on my alto and ive got the bionix 10 as superdan said great for altissimmo!, i think its a reasonably versatile peice all in all though.
dan have you tied a bionix in your alto and do you think the plasticovers are an advantage over the ricos etc?
cheers bryan
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