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Piccolo Stand?

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Hi guys,

I recently added piccolo to my doubles and have been looking for a stand or peg. Problem is my Beechler sax stand is maxed out with clarinet and flute. It's not designed for a third peg. The K&M piccolo stand seems to be the most commonly found in shops but it's so low that I'd worry about the piccolo getting trampled. I also need to take into account weight as I'm hauling a bass clarinet stand, tenor stand, and music stand besides my horns.

Beechler used to make separate stands for doubles that could handle various numbers of pegs. I don't remember if they made a piccolo peg. I know they made clarinet, flute, and soprano sax pegs. It appears that Beechler has cut back on the production of their stands and it's harder to find them.

Any suggestions for piccolo will be appreciated.

Thanks, Roger
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There are 3 options I use, one of which you already found (small separate piccolo stand).

There are piccolo pegs that bolt to the shaft of a music stand. This keeps your piccolo off the floor. Just hope nobody bumps your music stand or knocks it over.

I usually use my K&M 4-way stand. It is 2 bars of flat metal in a cross pattern bolted in the center. Each corner is threaded for a peg. I have pegs for bass, alto, soprano and piccolo. Some gigs this is fully loaded with all 4 flutes!

Another nice thing about this last setup is you can swap pegs on this thing easily so you can customize it to whatever 1-4 instruments you need on any particular gig.

I worry about all of these setups but I worry least about the last because when there's a bass or alto flute on it, it stands out and is easy to see.
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I use these acrylic stands for flute, picc, and alto flute. The picc stands is a little more than foot up from the floor and has two pegs for different picc bores. Expensive but nice..
The BLAYMAN STANDS (just type Blayman in the search window are a little pricy, but very the Wiseman of modular stands. I have alto, soprano flute and clarinet pegs. It's heavy to carry, but would take the most determined drunk to knock it over.
Hercules makes a stand with places for alto, tenor, and three other pegs. It comes with a soprano and two combination flute/clarinet pegs. A piccolo peg could be substituted. Hercules also makes a small three peg stand that comes standard with two combo pegs and a picc peg.

I think Weiner stocks them.
Another option that I've seen used in pits is a shelf that attaches to the music stand. While there might be a greater potential for the piccolo to go flying through the air if somebody knocks the stand, it's unlikely to end up trampled underfoot and certainly requires less of a reach when a quick change is called for in a show.

I've found one on the K&M website as an example:K&M Tray

But I've also heard that cheaper ones can be purchased from drum shops, albeit without felt (which is fairly easy to obtain and attach).
I would squeeze in a peg that is about 1 inch diameter dowling rod and have it about a foot long or more. At the top, drill it and mount a small stick to hold the piccolo. The pic will be up at the same level as the flute and make it easy to reach.
The best picc stand I've used is one that my friend Jon homemade for his pitwork. I was subbing for him and used his homemade doubles stand. It's a lot like bruce describes but there is some kind of a rock between the two thicknesses of peg for stability. The peg is mounted in a homemade wooden soprano stand. Very stable and very nice, at a perfect height that comes up just below the music stand. Get your drills working :)
Thanks everyone!!!!
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