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PHOTOS: Vintage Alto in Protec Contoured Case

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Hello everybody,
Thanks to everyones great advice,
I purchased a ProTec contoured case for my vintage alto
with Left sided bell keys.
I see this question coming up quite often on these forums,
so I figured I'd try to help people out.
If a picture is worth 1000 words, then here is 10,000 words
regarding the ProTec!

I PURPOSELY overexposed the photos
so that people could get a better look at the details of the case
and its interior.
I hope this helps someone searching for a case
for their LH-bell-keyed sax.

Here is the case:

Notice the strap on the left which prevents the case
from flopping open completely:

A better view of the inside.
Note the mouthpiece and neck slots with velcro straps:

My Conn Transitional alto with LH bell keys:

Snugly resting in the case:

A close up.
LH bell keys are no problem here:

Neck and mouthpiece in their spaces:

Looks like my flute will fit as well:

...yes it does. Nice!

This shot is to show the bumpers (feet) that
allow you to set the case vertically or horizontally:

Apparently, there is a 10 image limit per post,
so click on this sentence and the magical internet fairy will take you to a photo of the shoulder strap that comes with the case:

There is also a backpack strap system available for purchase.
I ordered it, but the WWBW had it on backorder.
It fits into the diagonal loop/strap
that can be seen near the feet in the last photo.

I still have to figure out where I'll be putting the
reeds and other items, but it shouldn't be too difficult.
I hope this helps somebody.

Let me know if you have any questions!
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Great photos. Thanks for the post.
Vintage Alto in Protec Contoured Case

Great work. Thanks.

This may be a solution for my Selmer Radio Improved (left sided bell keys).

What is the model identity for the case?
Thanks for the compliments everyone!
The manufacturers link for the case is HERE.
The Woodwind and Brasswind link for the case is HERE.
Nice work.

In case it helps someone - I use one of these for my '20s Martin alto and my 20's Buescher alto (with opposed bell keys) with no problem.
Nice case.
Excellent idea!

Now, pat yourself on the back really quickly because within one week or so anyone with the same question will post a new thread asking the same thing, never bothering to look at this thread, which you so nicely put together. ;)
Excellent post, Terminator. I got the same case about a month ago for my Zephyr. It has that ridiculous guard on the left side, and the case fits it well.

BTW, I keep my reeds in a La Voz four-reed holder, and I slip it into the case where the padding seems to drop down a bit, just under the LH pinky table. I do it so no one can steal my reeds, since I lock the case.

Also, I've found that the outside pocket fits my recorder quite nicely, along with any sheet music I need.
Steal your reeds?!?! Do you lock up your toothbrush, too?

There was a great C-Melody player around SoCal for many years (played clarinet, too) named Rosy McHargue. Rosy actually saw Bix Beiderbecke play.

Anyway, Rosy played in Benny Goodman's band and told a story about Benny checking out his reed section, asking the guys if they liked that reed they were using. On the break, Benny would steal the reed right off their horn.

I said Rosy TOLD the story . . . DAVE
Thanks again for the compliments everyone. I have a LaVoz two-reed gaurd that I keep along with the mouthpiece area and I just throw the strap in the main sax area.
This way, I only have to open the case and not the external compartment when I just want to whip out the sax and play.
I'm actually considering getting a neck pouch to store the neck and mouthpiece in the bell, and then I can use the other areas to store more stuff. i.e. more reeds, earplugs, and other assorted items that I always have with me.
I'm finding that I can't get all of my stuff in there AND the flute AND my recorder that I like to carry with me. I need to figure out how to carry the misc. items in the main compartment so the outside pocket can hold the flute and my recorder.
I always used to have a box of 10 LaVoz reeds in my old case, and I don't want to give that up. Not just yet that is.
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