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Bought an Eclipse tenor piece from Saxoholic - nice price and great service, over and above, and the piece was described as virtually brand new, and it was.

I've spent over a week now with it, and my first impressions were very positive. It sounded quite focused leaning to the bright side somewhat. I've played a Link STM refaced by - again - Phil-Tone, and it just suited me so well I didn't feel a need to try anything else. But curiosity got the better of me and I bought the Eclipse.
Leaning to the bright side, but not so much as to make it unattractive for me, and with fantastic over toning going on. The longer I'm spending with it, the more I'm finding there to work with and develop. It really is a very good piece, and much better than I thought it would be. A lot better in fact.

I'm probably going to get the Equinox at some point as well, as a direct result of how nice the Eclipse is. I'm a newcomer to HR mpc's, but now that I own a real good one I think I might investigate the area some more with the Equinox.
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