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Phil-Tone Soloist

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I received this piece some weeks ago in a trade, but only yesterday had the opportunity to take it to a gig. (I have been playing bass clarinet almost exclusively for the past 4 weeks)
It's a short shank soloist D, and it has been worked on and signed by our very own Phil Englemann. I'm not sure what sort of things he did, but this is a great piece. Just the right amount of resistance, with a BIG dark sound that cuts easily through a loud band. Very easy to control on soft volumes too. I'm going to stick with this one (and my HSM) and leave the Link in the drawer.
If you have the chance to get your hands on one of Phil's pieces, do it. You won't be dissapointed.

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have you messed out with reeds? what reed are you playing with?
I'm using standard Légères 3.5. They work great.
Legere are plastic reeds?
Ok, i've tested françois louis 4 and i don't like them, too dark and without life. I've tried vandoren traditional 3,5 and i like them way more, they do have life and are more bright. I like the combination, but they do not match... the problem is the tip, it not vibrate enough so the reed doesn't support articulation with my kind of embouchure... so i wanted to test vandoren zz or java 4. I do think they would be a good match buy there are none number 4 in my country.... F***!
I'm playing the zz reeds number 4 (finally!!). Huge difference from FLouis, for better imo.
Look your mouthpiece is a vintage rubber worked out or is a plastic (modern) worked out?
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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