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Just received this in the mail a couple of days ago. Phil was extremely responsive and provided lots of great of advice throughout my enquiries. Took a 0.078 facing alto mouthpiece. I own a Gottsu Sepia Tone 6* (0.075 facing). which is a great mouthpiece by all means, but wanted to try out something different.

Finally got to try it out today. Tried it out with a Vandoren Java Red 2.5 and the Yany Sixs ligature. Blew the mouthpiece without the saxophone and first impression was "Wow". The projection and volume of the mouthpiece most certainly packs a punch.

Played a couple of notes on the saxophone and I just couldn't put it down. Intonation was great across all registers. Response was immediate. Projection was great.

Going to have to play it for quite a bit longer to dial it in. Nevertheless, loving it already! Shout out to Phil for the great mouthpiece!
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