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Phil Delibero anyone?

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Has anyone seen or heard from Phil Delibero in the past decade? I studied with him in high school in CT in the 80s, he went through some tough times, and I eventually lost track of him. He was a mother of a legit player and a Phil Woods-inspired bebop player.

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I'd also be interested in learning about his recent musical activities, if any, especially since I miss his brawny, lyrical playing style, not often heard in legit circles these days, as far as I know. He was a very dynamic and assertive player, and I hope that someday Dorn/Open Loop might make available his recording of the Denisov sonata on CD or via download. Googling him turns up little beyond mentions of his etude book and some tobacco-related newsgroup posts that might or might not be by him (he was an avid pipe-smoker way back when). Maybe he's left the music biz and gone on to better and brighter things.
A dry cleaner? That's really heartbreaking. You'd think that students would have been beating down his door all these years, given his accomplishments and previous professional standing. Well, I hope he's doing better now.

If you do manage to track him down, let him know that his playing is missed.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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