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I remember buying my Classic tenor from Phil a few years ago, and everything Kristy says is right on the money. Reading Phil's many posts here on this forum, and my brief conversations with him about mouthpieces, Phil is extremely knowledgeable and more important, practical. He's knows what's important and what isn't.

My PB Classic tenor is every bit a match for my 100K Mark VI, it's a fabulous instrument. Anyone seriously considering a new tenor should without a doubt check out the Barone offerings. Many folks say that the "value" of these horns is what pushed them to buy, but in fact my tenor would have been a great buy at double the price. They are every bit the equal of any horn on the market today.

Congrats Kristy, you did good! And Bluto, you are right, Phil is a class act. More important, he backs up the class with years of hard-won experience and knowledge. He's the real deal, and so are his instruments and mouthpieces.
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