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Pharoah Sanders Live in Boston 9/6 + 9/7

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If you are anywhere in the area here is a rare chance to see Pharoah at Scullers. I will be there tonight for both shows. I saw his last time here 3 years ago. He had Harold Mabern on piano and played Body + Soul, Giant Steps, Night Has a Thousand Eyes etc and blew the house down.
I'll check in tomorrow with who he had in the band and how it was (great I will predict from many many other times seeing him).
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I got to see Pharoah a lot at the Vanguard because his pianist at the time, Joe Bonner, used to stay with me. His sound is closer to Coltrane than anyone I've heard live. I loved to hear him play "You Send Me". You felt like you were at the Coltrane "Ballads" recording session.
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