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Pharoah Sanders Live in Boston 9/6 + 9/7

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If you are anywhere in the area here is a rare chance to see Pharoah at Scullers. I will be there tonight for both shows. I saw his last time here 3 years ago. He had Harold Mabern on piano and played Body + Soul, Giant Steps, Night Has a Thousand Eyes etc and blew the house down.
I'll check in tomorrow with who he had in the band and how it was (great I will predict from many many other times seeing him).
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Pharoah Sanders is magnificent. His ballads are some of the most expessive recordings I have heard. I saw him last year at Catalina's in Hollywood, it was the "dinner show", he danced and sang some blues, but his playing got an emotional response from everyone. His recordings of the last decade are all wonderful. If you haven't heard "From Crescent With Love" and "Welcome to Love" you have missed something. I think he has extended the artistry of John Coltrane and come out with his own voice and advanced some techniques other players have yet to explore. DOES ANYONE know where to find the sheet music to: Light at the Edge of the World by P. Peirio
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