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Peter Ponzol to develop new 'Pro One' model saxophones with Antigua Winds

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San Antonio, TX, August 2 2010:[/I] Peter Ponzol and Antigua Winds have joined forces to develop a completely new series of professional saxophones. The new “Pro One”, will debut at the 2011 NAMM Show and the Frankfurt Musikmesse. As an international recording artist, Peter Ponzol has played on over 100 recordings, toured extensively and received several prestigious awards. Peter is equally well known for his state of the art saxophone mouthpieces and custom necks. Peter’s neck designs breathe new life into otherwise tired saxophones. Peter’s mouthpieces and necks have graced the saxophones of countless artists. His uncanny ability to tailor a neck to wring every nuance from the saxophone is amazing. These skills were honed during a nearly 15 year career as a saxophone designer for Buffet Crampon and Keilwerth. While with Keilwerth, Peter developed several new models which include a model that bears his name.

Peter returned to the United States in 1993 to concentrate on manufacturing his high end line of saxophone mouthpieces and necks. With Peter’s mouthpiece business now well established, his skills as a designer are once again put to the task of creating the new Pro One professional saxophones with Antigua Winds. When Antigua first approached me to work on the Pro One project, I said “This is the opportunity I have been waiting for years to come along”. “There are so many great ideas and innovative changes that have been in my head for a long, long time.” “This collaboration with Antigua Winds finally gets those ideas out of my head and into reality”. “It is exciting to know that professional saxophonists will have access to a great new horn that does not break the bank”. Prototypes of the new Pro One Antigua saxophones designed by Peter Ponzol will be circulating through select studios later this year.

Please e-mail at [email protected] (USA) or [email protected] (International) for more information.
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