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Peruvian Flutes and Sopraninos --- Brothers in Arms?

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Hi good people. I just found out that I may be going to Peru in late March, 2012. I take travel very seriously. I think I have food and alcohol covered. I assume local wines are similar to Chilian reds.

I will probably take the Vento sopranino with that insanely expensive mouthpiece and #3 bflat clarinet reeds. So now, dear scholars, how do I do prepare for this experience? I started downloading Peruvian music. It's good. So far so good.

I've always been attracted to that wooden flute sound and that aggressive percussion. A lot of people play together with layered music. Can I find New Orleans music making style somewhere here? Do Peruvians second line? Is there a brick and mortar place in Peru that is devoted to music of the ancient cultures? Are there people similar to gypsies in Spain who make music?

What do I do now, other than buying every glossy tourist DK book available and start saving for this damn trip?
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For Afro-Peruvian music check out their most famous musician, Susana Baca:

She's been a favourite singer of mine for years now (really great music) and has also recently been made the political "Minister for Culture" in Peru!
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