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Peruvian Flutes and Sopraninos --- Brothers in Arms?

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Hi good people. I just found out that I may be going to Peru in late March, 2012. I take travel very seriously. I think I have food and alcohol covered. I assume local wines are similar to Chilian reds.

I will probably take the Vento sopranino with that insanely expensive mouthpiece and #3 bflat clarinet reeds. So now, dear scholars, how do I do prepare for this experience? I started downloading Peruvian music. It's good. So far so good.

I've always been attracted to that wooden flute sound and that aggressive percussion. A lot of people play together with layered music. Can I find New Orleans music making style somewhere here? Do Peruvians second line? Is there a brick and mortar place in Peru that is devoted to music of the ancient cultures? Are there people similar to gypsies in Spain who make music?

What do I do now, other than buying every glossy tourist DK book available and start saving for this damn trip?
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I lived in Peru for a while. Check out CDs by Gabriel Alegria. He's a trumpeter and his music is a nice fusion of jazz with some traditional peruvian harmonies. And while you're in Lima go to Dos de Mayo. Be careful and watchful while you're there (it's not the safest part of Lima). It's a whole section of Lima with like a hundred music stores all in the same place - a great way to spend a day or eight. Have fun!
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