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saxandstrings86 said:
Ok, here's the've got 500 students that you're giving the same YAS-23 alto to as their first horn...what mouthpiece do you give them that will make the most of them successful?
No offense, but no mouthpiece in the world can make anyone successful on an instrument. Talent, motivation, excellent instruction, and perseverance do that. A good mouthpiece can help facilitate a good embouchure and good tone production. I'm sure that's what you meant.

Here are the mouthpieces suggested in this thread along with their current "web" prices:
Yamaha 4C - $24
Hite Premier - $26
Morgan Protone - $39
Forbes Debut - $42
Bari Esprit - $55
Rousseau - $56 (another good mouthpiece IMO)
Meyer 5 - $75
Vandoren V5 - $80
Selmer S-80 C** - $113

And the Consumer Guide best value for the price award goes to???? ______________
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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