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Saxsissa: Welcome to SOTW. Every saxophone is different, even those of the same make and model. It is difficult to make any objective comments about your question because of those variables.

In my experience, any one of those brands will work, assuming they are properly set-up by the selling dealer (e.g., no leaks, etc.). I recently played a surprisingly nice L.A. Sax at Scimonetti's store in Lancaster, CA. I also played really nice Cannonball Raven Stone Series sopranos (one straight and one curved) at that shop.

I personally own an Antigua 590LQ (among several good sopranos) and it too would work for most anyone - great tone, good scale, decent keywork.

In your stated price range, I'd call Dave Kessler and discuss Antiguas with him. The PM's are more expensive, and from what I've experienced, a bit over-rated, at least their sopranos. But again, every horn is different. DAVE
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