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Hi everybody, i am lately in a rut with my practicing, i know that practing playing patterns through the modes is a good way to gain vocabulary and for your own phrases, however i know how much you can learn by transcribing solos. So my question is, which one is more beneficial do you think?

another thing, ive been practicing patterns for 23 days now and ive only learnt 4 patterns. one pattern i like is the coltrane one, 1 2 3 5 in every mode. does anybody have any other patterns to work through the modes with?, maybe ones other players use, or ones you like?

although i do see the point in learning solos, my head is at war with myself thinking i should be learning patterns that express my musical taste and not somebody elses solos..

please someone help me out.

is playing patterns to gain creativity in scales the thing to do? or is learning solos the thing to do?

thank you very much for your opinions

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Short answer: BOTH

You don't have to choose one. Both are beneficial. Why don't you combine them? Transcribe a solo. Learn it. Find the patterns in the solo that you like and want to incorporate into your playing. Practice those patterns in all keys.
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