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Patricia Sheet Music and Track: Art Pepper

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Great tune.
Listened to him playing His tone on YouTube.
I love his playing and sound, thanks.
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Thank you @Neil Sharpe
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First: thanks for sharing this! The fact that this is presented by his widow Laurie is so touching. She ties up the loose end of his late-era discography with her recollection of it being just a few hours from the Ronnie Scott sessions recorded with the same band (Unreleased Art, Vol VI).
Ronnie Scott Sessions '81
A great example of melodic interpretation as it can be compared to the '76 copy of his lead sheet...
While clearly not an audiophile example of his live playing, & one where he sounds quite rough around the edges in a few spots...the fact that this was done ~1 year before his death, & knowing what he'd been through in life...I'm amazed at his consistent level of so many greats, the music seems to bring joy & life to them right until their passing. Music is so much more than just generating patterns of air waves. Thank you again for posting 🙏
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Thanks for posting. I really like this one and Art Pepper. Was planning to eventually transcribe from his recording, but glad to have the basic tune.
Always loved Art’s ballad playing, just beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
Goes without saying (but I'll say it anyway)...his bio is a must:
Art Pepper: Straight Life (biography)
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