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Pat Metheney - James: Arrangement for Flute Quartett

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Hi everybody,

Mozart wrote: What is worse than a flute? Two flutes! Now Wolfgang Amadeus, take this, my arrangement of Pat Metheneys "James" for flute quartet with to concert, alto and bassflute (and a triangle for thhe groove). I wrote this for my sax quartet and transcribed it now for flutes. Perhaps I'll add later a bassclarinet or so, because there is really no proper bass. But I kind of like the pure flute sound.
For me - James is the perfect song, you can't write a nicer melody over these beautiful chord progression. Pats and Lyles soloing on the studio album is top notch, too and I quotetheir lines in my solos here and there, because I listened so much to it.

If anyone is interested in the charts (for sax quartet)drop me a line.

I hope you enjoy it....

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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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