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Part Needed for K&M Bari stand

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I recently acquired a K&M bari stand missing the bumper/cushion that attaches to one of the legs to support and hold the bow of the sax. I think this is the same part that is used as the bumper for the lower front of the bell on the alto & tenor stands.

Does anyone know a source for this part?

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just create your own

I have an old Belmonte stand, and the bumpers were falling apart, nearly not holding on at all. What I did was just wrap them in black electrical tape. Since you don't have them any more, just take an old rag, cut small strips, and wrap them around the supports. Then cover them in electrical tape. I've tried to find replacements for the pads, and I didn't find a single place that sells them.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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