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Part Needed for K&M Bari stand

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I recently acquired a K&M bari stand missing the bumper/cushion that attaches to one of the legs to support and hold the bow of the sax. I think this is the same part that is used as the bumper for the lower front of the bell on the alto & tenor stands.

Does anyone know a source for this part?

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Better than electrical tape, which often has a "dirty" adhesive, you should seek out some vinyl hockey tape. This is available in a multitude of colors (even fluorescent pink and camoflage print), has a 'high tack' adhesive without a lot of black gunk in it, and is very flexible in the bargain.

When I make baritone stands, I wrap the strap steel stand members in thin sheets of high density polyethylene foam (the stuff used to wrap dishes for shipment), and then finish it off with a wrapping of hockey tape. Each application lasts for about ten years under normal use conditions.

Hockey tape is sort of like a less messy version of duct tape (or, in the vernacular, "duck tape"). It goes onto virtually any surface, soft or hard and sticks pretty tenaciously, but it comes off clean without leaving any residue or tearing up paint (as long as you don't leave it there for days at a time). We use it for taping down mike and speaker leads, power cords, and so forth, as well as for emergency repairs to any number of things that go wrong at the last instant on a band job.

Oh, and you can also use it to tape up your socks when you play hockey...
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