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I want to learn and play this song and the only source material I have for it has it in C major. The recorded version I am listening to, with Monk and Rollins, has it in (I think) B flat. What key is this song most commonly played in?

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Did I hear "learn it in all 12 keys"? Anybody? :mrgreen:

(serious, I have no idea, but it might very well be that it's done in Bb and the source material in C major is sheet music written for Bb-instruments, like a tenor sax played by Rollins. Sounds plausible to me. )
Simply put : Learn it in all of the comfortable keys you can .
If you have a working group call the tune in the most comfortable key for you.

If your comper(piano,guitar..) is worth his/her salt they'll be able to play it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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