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Pandora streaming audio for Droid phone- bandwidth and use danger?

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Hi folks, don't know where to ask this, but this subforum seemed good as any.

I downloaded Pandora radio for my droid phone, and have enjoyed hearing new sounds and acts streamed into my morning and evening commutes-- interrupted periodically by ads.

I'm liking it so far, but I'm wondering if I'm going to run into data use issues with Verizon (my cell/data provider), even tho I'm paying $30 a month for unlimited bandwidth on the droid phone. I've heard stories about providers pushing back against the heavy streaming users in various ways.

Should using non-stop streaming a couple hours a day bump up my use to levels where "unlimited" plan might not really be unlimited, and I get socked with some additional use fee? I wish there was an easy way to track down fine print on Verizon's site, but no...

I'd like some assurance on this before considering $36 a year for the streaming without the ads.

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I have used GBs upon GBs of data transfer going both ways while tethering my laptop to my DroidX on Verizon with no issues with bandwidth limiting. As long as you got in before they cut off the unlimited data plans, and you have an unlimited plan, you should be fine.
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