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I'm having serious problems trying to get a stable E and F with the Palm keys with my old soprano. It is a Pan American (Conn), straight , from about 1927/28 comparing it with contemporary Conns. it has all three palm keys, but no "front-F". It's in very good condition & regularly cleaned internally

I cannot get a stable pitches from the E and F , no matter what I do in terms of embouchure, reed support, airstream, tongue postion,tonguing, throat position, mouthpiece position- nothing seems to make these notes stable, and I've been trying for weeks.
Also tried to find some alternative fingerings, but I've found nothing viable & reliable, I've also tried carefully controlling key heights - but no luck

mouthpieces I'm trying are a minted old Selmer metal [soloist] D and a nice "Bari" metal ring hard-rubber 68. Reeds are nice new vandoren blue box 2, 2.5, 3 and 3.5, and a few Ricos / Rico Royals

I'm relativly experienced [18/19 years] , with a 3.5 octave range on tenor....

is it the horn ? me ?
does anybody else have these problems with the Straight Pan American / Conn sops??



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Dont give up on the pan am as they are quite nice horns. Going from tenor to sop is a pain but managable.
Try your mpc on another sop,
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