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Palo Alto, CA, tenor teacher

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I'm moving from England to Palo Alto, California, later this year. Anyone got recommendations for a tenor teacher for someone (me) who was once not bad but has not blown for 21 years and needs to get his jazz chops back, and better. In fact any info/pointers to the jazz/sax scene would be nice.

And yes, I did hit the search button, but seems all the Palo Alto teachers are either non-existent or lurkers...

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Come on... you Californians must be awake by now. There must be someone who blows a horn better than me in Stanford??
I don't know if he still teaches, but Hal Stein is a good tenor player in the Bay Area.
thanks whaler, I'll check it out.


I live in Palo Alto, which is funny. My teacher is Gordon Fels. He is a great guy who has really got me on my feet and has given me a great foundation for jazz. Much to my suprise, he often casually slips in a name of a person he has played with, which include Stanley Clarke and Chick Corea. If you would like his phone number, ask. Also, I could tell you my favorite places to jam and also some community music schools.

I would probably contact Peter Spitzer at the Community School for Music and Arts. He is a great guy and a perfect adult teacher. Gordon Fels is a good friend of mine and he is better with kids, although he's an awesome reedman. He gave me a few lessons years back that were valuable and taught my kids. Peter also holds adult education jazz improv classes that are quite valuable for getting back in shape.

I live in Palo Alto, just around the corner from Colossus (not AKA Sonny). If you hurry up and get here, there are still 5 more weeks of the Stanford Jazz Festival left and lots of teachers to hook up with available there.

Send me a PM with your email and I can help you 'hook up' when you get here...
Thanks for the feedback, SaxColossusJR and shmuelyosef. Have PMed you guys with my email address.

Kristen Stromm, great player/teacher. In the south bay, maybe 10 miles from P.A. She gigs all around the bay area. Teaches privately and out of Santa Clara Univ.
great teacher in Palo Alto/SF

I can recommend a fantastic teacher, who happens to be mine. Teaches Alto and Tenor. Was a student at Stanford, but has played professionally in NYC, Boston, and SF. Contact him at [email protected] and tell him Jon S. sent you.
jazz jammers in Palo Alto

And on that note, any folks around Palo Alto/Menlo Park up for some jazz jams?
serching for a tenor teacher in wisconsin

hi my name is noa and im from israel
im comming to lake geneva wisconsin
and i need a tenor teacher can you halp me please to find teacher
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