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I've been checking out some of the discussion of pad heights: some great info. I've been adjusting the heights on my Super 20 alto (an early-ish one: #295XXX) and found that somewhat lower heights really seemed to make everything come together in terms of tone quality and pitch. I did this experimenting on my own and was glad to see some of the experienced techs on this forum mention that lower heights seem to work well on the Kings. I've got everything set a bit lower than the Yamaha specs I found on another thread: wondering if anyone had more detailed info or opinions on this?

2 questions in particular:
1.) I'm wondering about the height on the neck octave key: having this somewhat lower really seems to lock things in up high.
2.)The low C is very open: middle D is a bit sharp, low D verging on flat. Any thoughts or is this just a compromise situation?

I'm a bit surprised that there doesn't seem to be any stuffiness with the lower heights: the big sound is still there.

Thanks: any info greatly appreciated.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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